Legends Cars, Brands Hatch

Legends Cars

5/8ths scale racers that provide plenty of exciting, close, nose-to-tail racing.

The bodywork is a 5/8ths scaled replica of 1930’s and 40’s American street cars. This, combined with their full size wheels, gives them the appearance of fairground hot-rods. The bodywork provides ample opportunity to make a good impression on the eye with striking designs, colour and logos.

Originating in the U.S., the Legends Cars series was developed to provide low cost affordable racing, based upon a standardized package that includes chassis, shock absorbers, bodywork and engine (Yamaha motorcycle 1200/1250cc 122 hp engine). This formula creates light, nimble, fast paced racers making them well worth watching.

Many thanks to WTBS Motorsport for allowing me to tramp around their garage taking photos.

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