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For me, motorsport photography is a challenge. So, to begin with let’s state that I love motorsport and cars, along with the caveat that I’m also interested in many other, and possibly more worthy, things as well! To surmise, my background is creative, mostly focusing on graphics and web design, along with a liberal dose of sweated labour!

I am a hunter and the camera is my gun

As in all sport, the challenge of motorsport for photography is that the moment is forever changing, an environment in constant flux. It needs close engagement to predict and seize the moment. So, within this environment, I am a hunter and the camera is my gun, adapting focus, shutter speed, lens and focal length at a moments notice. Where do I place myself, what are my angles, where is the sun, is there a vehicle coming up behind? Keep motivated, be ready and work it.

You will notice that not all here is motorsport. Some of it is of classic cars and the like. Well, my inclination is to apply much of the same approach as I do in motorsport, which is, whenever possible, to photograph them on the move and within a natural environment of streets, shops and other cars. They are beasts in the wild rather than in a zoo. But also, to contradict to what I just said, my next project is to photograph vehicles in a controlled environment, portraying them as objects.

Please enjoy my work and find something for yourself, be it about cars, racing, composition or photography.

Commissions and photo use

If you are thinking about a photographic project or need to use any photos then please do get in touch with me here…
It costs nothing to ask and I will be interested to hear from you.

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