Magnificent Motors

Magnificent Motors. Classic Cars along the seafront, Eastbourne

Morning seafront parade
Eastbourne, East Sussex, England
5 – 6 May 2018

Each year Eastbourne plays host to a grand display of vintage, classic and collectable vehicles. The range, quantity and quality of vehicles is outstanding and is a fitting tribute to the living heritage, enthusiasm and industry for classic vehicles within British culture.

The vehicles are displayed upon the Wish Tower and Western Lawns on the sea front. Organizing this presentation must be a logistical nightmare as almost all available space is utilised. But well organized it is, with each marque or type having dedicated areas as well as there being provision for refreshments and entertainment.

Impressive though all this is my main point of interest was the morning parade of vehicles. Many of the exhibitors begin the day driving their vehicles the mile or so along the seafront to the exhibition area. This availed me with the opportunity to photograph the vehicles in their natural habitat on the road but with the added bonus of seaside town architecture bathed in glorious sunshine in the background.

The photos here are impressionistic, capturing atmosphere, light and movement. Many are from a bygone age of the British motor industry and those I was familiar with when growing up. They represent only a small selection of what can be seen over the weekend.