Burnout, Stage, Pass

Burnout, Stage, Pass

Hot Rods on the strip at Sywell Aerodrome

Sywell Classic

Sywell Aerodrome, Northamptonshire, England 23 – 24/09/17

Sywell Classic, a two day showcase of classic cars, race cars, motorbikes and aircraft held at Sywell Aerodrome. Amongst the many displays at the show is this glorious, twice daily, drag racing contest.

Leading the cars into the paddock was a motorised miniature Morris Minor, a charming and ironic take on the muscle that follows. The cars then file two-by-two before entering the staging area,  proceeding to burnout, spinning the rear wheels and thereby laying down rubber to help with traction, creating Impressive clouds of burning rubber in the process. After that the cars stage or line up by the Christmas Tree, the structure supporting the sequence of lights to indicate when to run down the strip. Once the indication is given, the cars race or pass down the strip.

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